Six No-Guilt Novels for Valentine’s Day

Romance novels get a bad rap, and it is entirely possible to find good, heart-warming stories that aren’t poorly written or saccharine sweet. However with Fifty Shades and its brethren being the most often donated texts to charity bookshops, you might assume that the reading public are looking for something with a bit more substance (and a bit less bite?).

Last year the QI Elves reported that one Oxfam shop had received so many copies of E. L. James’ work, that they had constructed a creepy book fort:



So here is a list of six much better books for you to check out on Valentine’s Day- and if you’ve got someone for whom you need to buy a last minute present, don’t say I haven’t given you plenty of great ideas.

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Bare Facts: Betsy DeVos, Free Market Education & LGBTQ safety

In this Bare Facts I’m going to take a quick look at the role of Education Secretary in the US, and at the newly but controversially elected Betsy DeVos. This will include looking at her past experience, the policies she is likely to put forward, and her links to anti-LGBTQ groups and gay conversion therapy. You can find the last Bare Facts Post (Executive Orders, the Trump Muslim Ban and Refugees in America) here.

‘Bare Facts’ are a stripped back look at what is going on in politics and current affairs, with the intention of providing facts which could be useful for you in your own day-to-day debates and defense. It’s always good to know exactly what you’re talking about.

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Sunday Non-Fiction Spotlight: Hamilton, Mike Pence, and American Protest.

I’ve thrown my planned post out of the window today to highlight the amazing book that accompanies sell-out Broadway success Hamilton. It’s a book that tells the story of how the musical came to exist; shares insights from cast and political pundits alike; and spells out a stark, clear message about the historical prominence of protest, rebellion and revolution in the political legacy of the United States.

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History is moving backwards: Trump and the Rise of the Radical Right

This is a brief, hasty editorial . I’m in pieces, and I hope that Americans who will suffer discrimination under Trump can keep themselves safe today.

“That which divides us is killing us.”

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