Bare Facts: Betsy DeVos, Free Market Education & LGBTQ safety

In this Bare Facts I’m going to take a quick look at the role of Education Secretary in the US, and at the newly but controversially elected Betsy DeVos. This will include looking at her past experience, the policies she is likely to put forward, and her links to anti-LGBTQ groups and gay conversion therapy. You can find the last Bare Facts Post (Executive Orders, the Trump Muslim Ban and Refugees in America) here.

‘Bare Facts’ are a stripped back look at what is going on in politics and current affairs, with the intention of providing facts which could be useful for you in your own day-to-day debates and defense. It’s always good to know exactly what you’re talking about.

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Sunday Non-Fiction Spotlight – Microhistories & ‘The Cheese and the Worms’

This Sunday is the first ever non-fiction spotlight in the new format of the blog, so I thought it might be a good time to introduce a particular genre that you’ll be seeing a lot of: the microhistory. Sunday posts might also involve biographies, essays or other stuff.

Microhistories are close to my heart: they are intense historical studies based on close-reading of specific source material which produces a detailed piece of work that looks at first glance like a case study, but actually stretches itself outwards to broader themes and ideas within longue-durée historical narratives.  You find case-studies in lots of normal histories, but the microhistory uniquely focuses on a small time frame, often a single event, or a small group of people, or an individual, in order to flesh out an important stitch that would otherwise be missing in the fabric of history.

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What’s a City State? – An Editorial about the EU Referendum

So the EU referendum happened, and for almost half of us it did not go the way we wanted it to. This post looks at city-states, potential ‘Londonpendence,’ Scottish Independence, and mentions Northern Ireland. Quick shout- if you voted pro-Brexit, be aware that this is billed as an editorial, and it’s going to be chock full of angry bias.

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