Five for Friday … November 4th

This is the first Friday post in the new format of the blog, so I’m going to give you a quick explanation- ‘Five for Friday’ is a little list of five things you can watch, do, hear, eat or otherwise engage with over the coming weekend: it’ll be bookish, but this is categorically not a reading list. Instead there will be things to help you relax, enjoy the weekend, and generally bask in the things you enjoy the most.

This coming weekend will be Guy Fawkes’ Day, or Bonfire Night in lots of other parts of the UK. It’s also the first weekend since the clocks went forward, so it really feels like winter is here and it’s time to be cosy-warm and prepare for hibernation. As such, here are five things for you to do this weekend, since it gets too dark to read by four o’clock anyway.

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Orwell, Nationalism, Brexit and Historical Foresight – An editorial, post-referendum.

The London Palace Coat of Arms features a Lion and a Unicorn: the two animals that George Orwell used to title a now infamous essay about nationalism, class and Britain’s lack of European identity. I’m writing about it today in a ponderous post that will look at English Socialism, historical understandings of our apparent island-identity, and the way that Orwell always seems to have known what to say.

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What’s a City State? – An Editorial about the EU Referendum

So the EU referendum happened, and for almost half of us it did not go the way we wanted it to. This post looks at city-states, potential ‘Londonpendence,’ Scottish Independence, and mentions Northern Ireland. Quick shout- if you voted pro-Brexit, be aware that this is billed as an editorial, and it’s going to be chock full of angry bias.

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