About this blog

History had a slow pulse; man counted in years, history in generations
― Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon.

This blog is all about books, history, politics and millennial culture.

On this blog, you’ll find a variety of short, fun lists and longer analyses of books. If you want reviews, try the ‘Looks at Books’ posts, in which I talk about classics, new releases and al kinds of different genres. I also try to showcase interesting and engaging non-fiction in the ongoing series ‘Sunday Spotlights.’ 


Recently I started two new series of political posts called ‘Bare Facts’ and ‘Reviews for the Revolution.’ So if you’re interested in modern and historical politics, radical culture, and literature, then you’re in the right place.

I keep up an ongoing series of OTD posts and will be embarking on new ‘Weird History’ slots here and there. Look out too for the new posts how do you write the history of… in which I talk about exciting and relevant historiographical frontiers, like the histories of emotions, sexualities, genders and loads more, in a very non-academic manner.

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This blog is run by Samantha Peel, a MA Modern History graduate of the University of York working in university administration. I’m a thoroughly self-aware millennial fighting against the motivation-zappers of employment, lack of funds and click-bait YouTube videos to put out new content a few times a week. My favourite posts are the Literary Recipes series 1 2 3.