New Directions

Welcome to two brand new series of blog posts- ‘Bare Facts’ and ‘Reviews for the Revolution.’

‘Bare Facts’ are a stripped back look at what is going on in politics and current affairs, with the intention of providing facts and objective truths. Hopefully it will be a useful basis for editorial blog posts in the future, but I hope that they will also be useful for you in your own day-to-day debates and defence. It’s always good to know exactly what you’re talking about.

‘Reviews for the Revolution’ are book reviews and analyses of political or politicised texts which I believe to be helpful or insightful to current political situations.
In times like these I find myself increasingly looking for new guiding lights and old words of comfort and inspiration.

So in this series of posts I’ll be revisiting the classics of political fiction and non-fiction to remind myself that the world has rarely been a easy place to live in for so many of us. They will be bookish posts picking out themes from political history, which don’t betray the core themes of the blog, but also offer suggestions for useful and positive material, exploring the ideas and ideologies of famous authors and texts in order to pick out what could be useful today. Take from it what you wish- whether it’s reading list of books to check out, inspiration for your own essays, or just something fun to read on the bus.


They will be peppered with editorials, whenever I can confine my thoughts into a coherent post. Don’t hold your breath. If you have suggestions or feedback then let me know.

The first ‘Bare Facts’ is already available– I give information about Executive Orders, relating to Trump’s ban on Muslim travel and immigration.


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