How this site works

“A lot of my research time is spent daydreaming – telling an imaginary admiring audience of laymen how to understand”

-Leonard Susskind

A little round up of information about what this site can do for you, including resources, research, recommendations, scheduling and everything else.

EDIT: I’m going to leave this post up on the blog for reference purposes. The nature of this blog has changed, and I focus far more on books than on pure, academic history. Obviously the two intersect pretty heavily (one cannot escape formative training), but basically? The below information may be useful to one person, one day, but should not be read as indicative of future content.

The big aim of my blog is ‘history for the masses.’ And I’m aware that the masses don’t always have a lot of time on their hands to track down watch to read, what to watch or where to find things online. So I’ve got two pages for you- ‘resources’ and ‘recommendations.’ I want you to know that I’ll always try to make sure everything I use is either open-access or that you’ll be able to buy it online easily. All my pictures will either be open-access or credited in as obvious a way as possible. And of course, everything that I post is free to use- I’d love a linkback, or a credit, or whatever, if you do.

This is basically an ever-growing list of resources for the history fan, the researcher and the image collector. It will focus on open-access and digitised resources, to make it easier for everyone to access. This is currently under-construction, and will be added to whenever possible.

The juicy stuff goes here- it’s a list of recommendations for other blogs, historical novels, podcasts and other things that might have appeared in posts or may have simply sprung forth from my brain, which I think you’ll enjoy. There’s already a little list going, and I’ll add to it whenever I can.

If you ever want to recommend me a resource, a podcast, a blog or you want to email me for whatever other reason, you contact find details on the contact page. There’ll be a list of social media links there too, if you’re quite hip and with-it.

Posts will happen as and when I write them- I’ll try my best to be regular, but real life waits for no man. Or no woman. I’ll oscillate between looking at interesting events, people, books and objects to write up short microhistories, snappy biographies and rambling theoretical posts in which I think more widely about uses, methods and applications of history. We’ll find a rhythm together, and hopefully create something rewarding and useful.


That’s a pineapple- used quite frequently in British architecture to symbolise warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality. Big pineapple-y welcomes to all of you.


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